October 10, 2016 alec

REBRANDING Bitcoin42 to VIVA and promiting Blocktrades and Steemit at our Locations!

Hi dear Hitchhikers of the Cryptogalaxies and world wide web!

Sorry for being so absence for so long, lots have happend in the meanwhile!

We are currently undergoing a transition into a new area of Bitcoin and crypto currency adoption. In the process we are going to rebrand to simply VIVA! You can already now see our new brand in the ATM screens of this post. Notice also how we recommend our clients to change their Altcoins with the help of www.blocktrades.us into Bitcoin and then cash out or in US Dollars at our ATM’s at our Imaxess Location in Tijuana,Mexico. It’s really easy!

You can also follow the founder from Bitcoin42 at Steemit, a new and genius social media platform at https://steemit.com/@alechahn

At our ATM’s the Steemit logo also gets an appearance. 🙂

Enjoy the ride and stay tuned. Thanks for all the fish and never forget: DON’T PANIC! 🙂

Best wishes, Alec from formally know Bitcoin42

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