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News | Bitcoin 42 | We come in peace!

REBRANDING Bitcoin42 to VIVA and promiting Blocktrades and Steemit at our Locations!

Hi dear Hitchhikers of the Cryptogalaxies and world wide web!

Sorry for being so absence for so long, lots have happend in the meanwhile!

We are currently undergoing a transition into a new area of Bitcoin and crypto currency adoption. In the process we are going to rebrand to simply VIVA! You can already now see our new brand in the ATM screens of this post. Notice also how we recommend our clients to change their Altcoins with the help of into Bitcoin and then cash out or in US Dollars at our ATM’s at our Imaxess Location in Tijuana,Mexico. It’s really easy!

You can also follow the founder from Bitcoin42 at Steemit, a new and genius social media platform at

At our ATM’s the Steemit logo also gets an appearance. 🙂

Enjoy the ride and stay tuned. Thanks for all the fish and never forget: DON’T PANIC! 🙂

Best wishes, Alec from formally know Bitcoin42

Bitcoin42 Meetup @ El Artesano Restaurant

Bitcoin42 Meetup @ El Artesano Restaurant

Sunday, Jul 5, 2015, 4:00 PM

El Artesano Restaurant
Av Revolución 1056, Zona Centro, 22000 Tijuana, MX

2 Bitcoiners Attending

General meetup for Bitcoin enthusiasts.Facebook for El Artesano Restaurant:

Check out this Meetup →

A Low Cost BitShares ATM: The Next Phase of Mass Crypto-Adoption

We plan to develop, produce, and distribute a low cost, lightweight and open source bidirectional ATM terminal/kiosk powered by Bitshares.

Here are some of the highlights:

Bidirectional: Basically this means that our ATM’s will allow customers to both deposit and withdraw funds from their Bitshares accounts. The most convenient way to do this is with “Bank Note Recyclers” (BNR),  which have a small footprint and can lower operational costs. There are several companies in the BNR business, and it is likely that this will be the only closed source part of the project. Currently Meigroup BNR’s are being considered, since they manufacture in Mexico, where we are currently located.

Low cost:  This will be achieved primarily through transparency (open source software, hardware) and small profit margins that can be sustained by harnessing the effectiveness of Bitshares (we will elaborate on this later). Additionally, we will seek to provide customers several assembly options for our machines. For example, we might provide instructions on how a customer might individually order the parts and build the machine themselves, in addition to offering assembled and unassembled versions from our manufacturing partners around the world.

Small footprint, light weight, and sustainable:  The largest and heaviest part of the ATM will be the previously mentioned BNR, which will mainly determine the size and weight of the machine. We are also looking into different ARM micro-controllers, for example the OLinuXino combined with a camera and LCD touchscreen. To achieve sustainability, we will attempt  to use as few parts as possible from as many local sources as possible. Furthermore, the design of the shell/chassis will allow it to be built out of different materials. We prefer “cradle to cradle” and “upcycling” principles, opposed to “recycling” principles.


Bitshares: We believe BitShares is the most effective blockchain for the type of network we want to build. This Info-graphic explains the benefits quite clearly. One of the primary advantages of using BitShares is that transaction fees can potentially be redistributed back to the ATM network operators and maintainers via Bitshares’ delegate and decentralized market system, as well as their soon to be released referral system. If you go to any Bitcoin or Crypto-Coin ATM today, you pay outrageous premiums up to 30% over spot price. The economics of BitShares will allow our ATM operators to be quite profitable while keeping their fees more in line with traditional fiat currency ATMs.



How do we get there?

This project is a matter of innovation through combination.  The Bitcoin42 Team and its associates have connections, resources, and experiences to tie everything together. To accelerate and leverage what we have, and to bring mass crypto-adoption into reality, we will need help from grassroots efforts, community collaboration, and various crowdfunding initiatives.

In the next weeks and months we will publish a road map, and an action and budget plan. The Bitsharestalk forum will serve as a continuous, collaborative development discussion group or “open think tank”. Moreover, the project itself will be hosted and maintained on Github. Eventually, we will make use of the soon to be released Bitshares workers, delegates, and referral system and, also the Gemspace for crowdfunding/IPO purposes.

Stay tuned. Looking forward to receiving constructive inputs and outputs. 🙂


Best regards,

Alec Hahn from Bitcoin42



Links:   (Bitshares Infographic)

Update on our AndaleBIT Exchange

Just a head sup. We are still working in the background on our exchange. It is only taking more time then expected. But we rather have something save and sound, than be sorry later.

Stay tuned! 🙂 – a New Bitcoin Exchange in the Making!

Soon to hit Mexico! Open Source, solvent proof, transparent Bitcoin exchange. AndaleBIT!

Get in early and receive goodies! Sign up NOW!

We from Bitcoin42, who brought you the world first multi coin ATM and first bi-directional ATM to Latin America will be opening with the help of an awesome Bitcoin Exchange; AndaleBIT!
Remittances in several countries will be possible. 100% Open source, proof of solvency, transparent and the first 500 sign ups receive 25 pesos upon opening and profile completion! Tacos for everyone! AndaleBIT! Vamos!
Also, the first 50 Market Makers will get a chance to receive shares of the exchange.

Taller “BITCOIN PARA PRINCIPIANTES” – 28/02/2015 y 07/03/2015

Bitcoin para principiantes 2015

¡Inscríbete YA a nuestro taller Bitcoin para principiantes! – 4 horas en total – Sábado 28 de febrero y sábado 7 de marzo – 10 AM a 12 PM en BIT Center Tijuana – 500 MXN – ¡Con un reembolso de 100 MXN en Bitcoin y 50% de descuento para estudiantes!