Payment Terminal

  • Accept any Debit or Credit Card and convert instantly to Crypto
  • Custom Reciepts
  • Manually process Cards
  • GPRS / Wifi / SIM
  • And more...

BitSo Exchange

Mexican bitcoin exchange
  • Mexican based Exchange for Bitcoin and Ripple

Genesis Coin Ldt

TWO WAY ATM – Genesis1 Model

Genesis1 is fully 2-way for cryptocurrency.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin & other digital tokens. The Genesis1 ATM is a gateway to the world of digital currency.

Operate a Genesis1

and earn a healthy profit providing on-demand liquidity. Visit a Genesis1 to experience the fastest way to buy and sell digital currency.

Hardware Features - pinnacle of ATM technology

2,200 note International Bill Acceptor
1,700 to 6,800 note Bank-grade Cash Dispensing System
Optional Fingerprint Reader
High-speed Barcode Scanner
Magnetic / EMV Card Reader
Thermal Receipt Printer
High-definition Security Camera
Your Genesis1 comes standard with a 13-month warranty.

Security and Compliance

The Genesis1 software runs over an encrypted private network to ensure all transactional data remains private and secure.
An optional fingerprint reader can be combined with 3rd-party AML/KYC platforms to ensure compliance in every jurisdiction.

Industry-leading Backend Management

Take control of your business through our intuitive and robust operating interface. Adjust your pricing margins with ease. Put a microscope to your cash flow and track profits in realtime.

ATM supports liquidity supply through an exchange, your own wallet, or both:

Exchange options

ONE WAY ATM – Satoshi1 Model

Introducing the Satoshi1

World-class hardware packed into a sleek and futuristic package. The Satoshi1 Crypto Machine is a robust 1-way solution for vending cryptocurrency.

Featuring a 21inch screen

the Satoshi1 is a 21st century take on the cryptokiosk.

A best-in-class 2,200 note bill acceptor

means less trips to remove cash.

The Satoshi1 is fully 1-way

for Bitcoin, Blackcoin & other cryptocurrencies.

As awesome as the Genesis1

The machine runs on the same software platform as our flagship Genesis1, providing unparalleled white-label opportunities and industry-leading backend.


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