Make profits with ZERO investment!

Affiliate Program


Why become an affiliate in three sentences:

  1. You only get a spread of ~4% using the ATM, instead of ~6%.
  2. Your friends (referrals) only get a ~5% spread at the ATM instead of ~ 6%. 
  3. You start to earn 10% and up to 50% on the companies profits* generated! (*Company profits are shown on the transaction cost breakdown chart below.) 

How to become an Affiliate? Register below, receive your referral account number and pin! Then and start spreading the word!

  • As a affiliate, you get a spread of ~4% at the ATM, instead of ~6%
  • With your affiliate number and pin, your referrals also get an advantage, and receive only a 5% spread compared to ~6% at the ATM.
  • You will start to earn 10% of all company profits* generated by your referrals. (You can see he company profits* in the transaction cost break down chart.)
  • If one of your referrals becomes an affiliate, your 10% increases in the magnitude of 1 for each new affiliate, but can only reach a maximum of 50%.
  • Your 10% will also increase in the magnitude of 1, with each 1 Bitcoin of monthly transaction volume of your referrals.
  • Your profits will be paid out on a monthly basis to the Bitcoin address you provide us on signup. If your Bitcoin address changes, write us to afiliados(at)
  • No minimum threshold required for payouts. You earn right away!
  • If you have any other questions, please write us to the email: afiliados(at)